Madrid, Spain

Madrid Acro & Revive Workshop

27th Oct 18

Balanced 5 hours with the dynamic practices of AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics (3h) and the reviving art of Thai Yoga Massage (2h). Massage sequence manuals included.

On the 3 hours of acro -workshop (11-14) we mix together a unique set of skills and drills from the disciplines of AcroYoga, Partner Acrobatics, acrobatic dance such as lindy hop & rock n roll, contemporary dance and circus performance. We teach with variations for a very wide skill level from beginner/intermediate movers to advanced practitioners. You will learn new moves and transitions you can put in to your performance, acro or the dance floor!
Even when we teach dynamic skills, we don’t forget the meditative and breathing quality of enjoyable partner movement. We work more on concepts and movement patterns that makes it easier for you to then learn any trick!

In our 2 hours of thai yoga massage, we will share our favorite techniques to work on all the deep, hard to reach muscles we use during our constant training – All the places where normal massages don’t get to but are in desperate need of some love. We will focus on the shoulders, upper body and back. Working around muscles that we use in handstands and our acro pratice. We want to share techniques that are accessible for everyone and that you can use anywhere and anytime without needing special equipment or oils.

Acro: Minimum 3 months AcroYoga or similar other movement practice, to enjoy this workshop to the maximum. Also suitable for dancers

Revive/Massage: This 2h workshop is for everybody, If you have previous massage experience, great, but it is not necessary. 

50€*/persona – Whole Saturday (11.00-14.00 and 16.00-18.00)
*** First 10 tickets are sold for only 40€ but are SOLD OUT

30€/persona – Solo AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics (11.00-14.00)
30€/persona – Solo Thai Yoga Massage (16.00-18.00)

A partner if you like or we can pair you up when you get there

Revive/Massage: Warm loose clothing or tights
Warm socks
A small pillow for the head and a blanket if you like (optional but nice to have)

OTHER INFORMATION: The area where the workshop is held is full of awesome restaurants like Piratas to eat lunch in that we can also book as a group so express your interest!
Workshop will be taught in English but any questions during the workshop can also be answered in Spanish.

Maximum 20 participants

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