Perth, Australia

Perth Pop-Up Workshop

27th Sept 2018

Pop up intermediate Partner Acrobatics workshop from Acrobatic duo Kat (FIN) & Jared (AUS)

We dive into the standing acrobatics moves of lifts, jumps, throws, drops and pulls that require good connection and timing. Big dynamic skills take a long time to build up and we aim to give you the tools you need to start making hard skills look and feel easy. Emphasizing partner connection, we’ll be working on skills such as Inlocate to shoulders/h2h and cannonball in a very fun and accessible way putting everything into a dance acrobatic flow.

We’ll also build up some throwing and catching confidence with group skills, so this workshop is perfect to literally lift up your practice, whether you come from dance, acro or acroyoga background!

We mix together a unique set of skills and drills from the disciplines of AcroYoga, Partner Acrobatics, acrobatic dance such as lindy hop & rock n roll, contemporary dance and circus performance! 
Our combined expertise comes from Circus School Carampa Madrid, Master Degree in Education, AcroYoga Montreal TT, Hanuman Acrobatic Yoga TT, Yoga TT and more.

We teach with variations for a very wide skill level from beginner/intermediate movers to advanced practitioners. You will learn new moves and transitions you can put in to your performance, acro or the dance floor! 

Even when we teach dynamic skills, we don’t forget the meditative and breathing quality of enjoyable partner movement. We work more on concepts and movement patterns that makes it easier for you to then learn any trick!
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Minimum 6 months of Partner acrobatics, AcroYoga or similar other movement practice, to enjoy this workshop to the maximum. Also suitable for dancers. Feel free to contact and ask.

FireFlight Yoga studio, 106 Marine Terrace, Fremantle
11-14.00 on 27th of September.

Early bird $50, discount until 15th September.
Late bird $60

Maximum 20 participants